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General Labour
One of our key strengths is finding the right people and at the right time
gl1 One of our key strengths is finding the right people and at the right time! We select individuals according to the skill sets that our clients request for. Even with our General Labour staff, we ensure that the “right” candidates are selected, trained, vetted and then prepared to work at the specific contract location. Each applicant must complete general labour training including, health and safety, employee’s rights, lock-out, tag-out, safe lifting practices, warehouse safety, WHMIS, and MSDS.

Industrial Laundry Employees: We are also one of the rare employment agencies actively engaged in supplying skilled and knowledgeable employees in industrial laundry facilities specialized in working with ironers, dry folds, sterile packs, soiled/contamination, and in shipping and cart make-up.

Cross Dock, Manufacturing & Warehousing

Forklift operator working at warehouse. The cross-dock, manufacturing and warehousing industry are always looking for reliable employees to aid them in their operation. We have an extensive database and the ability to provide personnel at short notice. The employees that we hire again must meet certain minimum qualifications before being considered and must also complete applicable training and company orientation. Our warehouse personnel are all fully licensed forklift operators and are a mandatory requirement.