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About Us
PRO Personnel Inc. is an employment agency dedicated to providing temporary or permanent employees to our Clients in the GTA and surround areas.

We specialize in Accounting, Logistics, Transportation, Payroll, Manufacturing, Administrative Support and Specialized Recruiting Projects.
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Why Choose PRO Personnel?


PRO Personnel offers competitive rates while maintaining superior standards and quality in our personnel.


Our Recruiters specialize in different areas of recruiting and understand what to look for in candidates from different industries from Accounting to Transportation & Logistics.

3Training & Development

Apart from recruiting qualified individuals, we conduct our own training tailored to specific customer processes and requirements. In addition, we cross train our employees to work in more than one area in the warehouse, enabling to be flexible to work in multiple roles.


We understand your needs and certain peaks in your operation; we are prepared to supply extra labour to meet your demands. Similarly, you are able to reduce your labour pool when times are slow if required.

5Recruiting & Executive Search Services

As part of our package, we have Recruiters trained in the areas of transportation, warehousing, cross dock operations, and general labour that can find the right people at the right time, including mid-to senior level management.